Agency Growth

This is where we are starting. My agency does Digital Marketing (email marketing, and facebook/google ads) for a small niche, and currently makes $2,000/month. This is going down to $1,000 a month because they failed to deliver their products to their customers for two years in a row.

The goal I have set out to make per a month is $10,000 by July 1st. I am currently 5 to 7 clients away from that. This will be extremely difficult to reach, because of my lack of work ethic. I have failed to do the work to get more clients, to reach out to businesses in my niche and to provide massive value to those clients.

The reason I didn't and haven't reached out to businesses is because of fear. I am scared of being successful, because what will change, who will I become and am I good enough! Those are the words that echo across my heart.

What will I be working on? Well I purchased Client Ascension, and have been going through the course, but I am still not reaching out to potential clients. So the goal for this week coming up is to reach out to businesses. Minimum reach outs is 50 this week. Unique emails written by me, and researched by me.

This makes me feel nervous, but I vastly hate being broke. I also hate not progressing in life, being stuck in a loop made by me. Stuck in a loop, forever lost. It is totally self-made, that means I have the power to break it. So let me try to break it.

Update 1 10/06/2022

So this week I found 15 other businesses that I will be reaching out to, but am finishing the actual email write ups for them today. I also sent out 21 emails today, 2 of which the receipts email was incorrect, so I will be going through and fixing that, and 3 of which responded very positively.

One of the potential clients asked for a call next week, which I am sending him a confirmation on time and date. He is not my ideal client, but we can practice our sales talking and everything like that.

Another potential client also was curious about how I can help grow their business. They are not in the ideal niche, but that is fine, it's niche adjacent.

The Final potential client has had other marketing services done and they all over promised and under delivered, but none of those companies focused on this niche, meaning they were generalists. I am not a generalist, but this is a huge win just getting this positive response!!!

This potential client has asked me to send him the details and not to hop on the call right away. Meaning I need to work on creating a good sales video, that breaks down the results I have gotten for previous clients, pretty much a case study. I do already have a video like that, and perhaps I will just send that, but first I'll be going over it. I will also be sending some other Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing results. This way they can they see what we have truly done for other companies in the same niche.

I have a lot of work to do today, in terms of the business. This next week this will be my focus sending out 50 new emails, and hopefully landing 1 client. I will also need to finish the sales part of the course. I finished the outreach and creating an offer part of the course, so now I am on sales. This will be a busy weekend. This is good. I am happy about this, and gives me a ton of motivation to continue to work towards this goal. I was feeling dejected, for a long time.

The primary course I used for the outreach and drafting orders was from Cold Email Wizard. His course Cold Email Mastery is what I used to get my first client, and now hopefully my second and third clients. I am not affiliated with him, or his course - simply providing the resources that I used. I am also in Client Ascension, but I think for now it's mainly the Cold Email Mastery Course that is helping me a ton.

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