Random Projects

These are random projects that I have taken up, or things I have considered.

This Website 04/06/2022

This website was hell. The building of the html/css was simple, and fairly easy but then building the flask backend was difficult, but the biggest hurdle was setting up the server to host this website.

Now how much time and what were the costs of building and maintaining the website (not including writing all the content and fixing little issues that will arise.)

Server Cost Per A Month: $5
Cost Of Domain: $20
Time Spent: 20 Hours 2 Minutes 42 Seconds

That isn't a ton of time, nor a ton of money per a month, but it is a commitment to doing this project as something that is important to me. It was also a form of avoidance, to avoid doing actual work that would produce money and that would help me out of this funk I am in, but alas I did it anyways.

This project used Bootstrap 5.2, and Flask for the backend as well as a server on Digital Ocean. Most of the formatting of the website isn't ideal, there are some issues that still exist but I had to launch it. It's easy to get caught up in trying to produce something perfect and then just giving up on the project. The original website Thoughts Of Contemplation was such a project. I was working on transferring it onto Flask and setting up a proper server for it, but failed to do so. So I just let it fall apart.

This is a project that is completed. If you have input or suggestions please tweet them to me, or just DM me. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Contact me via @thought_bender