Working Out

Working Out 03/06/2022

I recently experienced a concussion and haven't been to the gym in over a month, this means I am still recovering but also gaining weight and just feeling like a mess. This is not ideal for growth. I want to lose fat and gain muscle, and generally live a healthier lifestyle. This means I need to be held accountable. Every week, I will go over length of time spent at a gym or properly working out. It will also include a chart of my current measurements.

I am going to hate this. I will hate this very much, but the point of this entire website is to showcase the truth of a person, and that person is me. It is also to motivate me to do more, and to build the project of me. The me that currently exists lacks in too many things. Let's get at it.

Body Measurements Are Not Showing Up For Some Reason???

Update 1 10/06/2022

So for the first week of returning back to working out, it went fairly well. I worked out for 2 hours and 28 mins this week, it was the first week returning from the concussion so I didn't push myself to the wall, and then try to climb up it. I instead choose to slowly work out every single day and get some sort of momentum and energy back in my body.

Now I did not start the next day, June 4th... I started June 5th, and then skipped June 7th because I was lazy. Meaning I did not workout every single day this past week, but there was an attempt to workout every single day once I realized I had to make this post on June 10th, the working out started happening a lot more frequently. Public shaming works extremely well, at least if you are doing it to yourself.

The Exercises I Worked On:

There were three main exercises I worked on were leg raises, push-ups, squats and dips.
Push-ups: 106
Leg-Raises: 245
Squats: 71
Dips: 46

I started doing Dips June 9th, as I realized I should be doing that at home as well. It is something that is simple and easy, and any number greater than 0 would yield positive results.

Here are the numbers for my body....
Image not showing up

My weight typically fluctuates between 164 to 170lbs. My ideal weight would be around 150, as that is when I feel the most energy and the best in terms of not being so chubby. So perhaps I should be stomach pinch for how much fat I have, on my belly but I have a lot and I don't like it. So transforming the fat into muscle is the goal, and just be stronger and have more energy.

If you have advice or input on what I should be doing or trying, I am all ears. Please feel free to tweet or DM me @thought_bender

Update 2 17/06/2022

I either meditate or I workout, that is what it seems like. I meditated very frequently this week, but did not work out often or even a few days this week.

The mistake arose when I did not workout on Saturday, saying it's the weekend and that I will resume the next day. I wrote a post a long time ago called Growth Of Resistance, which had a line that I have never forgotten and even thought about as I skipped Saturday and then Sunday and then... That line was "skip a day, skip a week". That is what happened this week, I skipped a day, and then it turned into a week.

I am not proud or happy about the fact I did not work out, but it is what happened. Could I have made the time? Of course, but I didn't. I knew this post was coming as well and still i didn't, perhaps it's because I know no one will read it, but the shame still arose. So in a way this blog is doing what it needs to do.

Since the images aren't showing up for some damn reason, I will need to solve that but I am going to continue to place the images and solve it later. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Even on my local server they are not appearing. I attempted to use a link href to test as well, and that wasn't working at all.

0 for everything

Here are the numbers for my body...
Image not showing up

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